25 October 2012

In line with its vision to create positive difference through everything that they do, Surfer Girl, the happiest girls brand in the world, partnered with the worldwide traveler organization, CouchSurfing held beach clean-up at the pristine beach of Blue Lagoon and Bias Tugel in Karangasem Bali on Sunday 21 October 2012 as part of CouchSurfing Indonesia Festive 2012.

This year, the annual CouchSurfing Indonesia Festive comes with the tagline NACULA – Nature creates culture and adventures which is strongly aligned with Surfer Girl’s long-term commitment to environmental preservation.

Around hundred of participants of Surfer Girl staffs, local and international CouchSurfers, VW Bali Community and surrounding local communities cleaned every inch of the beaches. Presentation was also given by Surfer Girl Green Practices’ Staff to inform the audiences on the danger of rubbish littering to the ocean.

Being the fun brand, the day is also filled with many fun activities from Sumo wrestling in giant costumes, to hula-hoop competition where all travelers, staffs and local communities alike mingled in the joyful atmosphere. As everyone enthusiastically set off to clean the beach to make sure every pieces of rubbish were gathered, the local students from SDN 1 and SDN 2 Padang Bai showcased their artistic skills in the fun drawing contest on the rubbish bins. The bins were then handed to the Chief of the Village Padang Bai as a manifestation of Surfer Girl’s its long-term commitment to environmental protection. The bins are going to be placed in 6 spots across Blue Lagoon and Bias Tugel beach to encourage positive actions by the communities and visitors to keep the beach clean in the long run.

The event has not only come with strong environmental messages, it was also served as a channel to introduce the great Indonesian culture and hospitality with was much appreciated by global travelers who came to the event.

Nadia Bintoro, Surfer Girl’s Head of Marketing Communications who is also an avid CouchSurfer commented: ‘I’m very delighted that Surfer Girl and CouchSurfing which both have strong concerns towards environment and local community can come together in this joyful event. We hope that through this beach-clean up, we could improve local community’s awareness on the danger of rubbish littering as well as spreading positive influence to the travelers who will then extend it to wherever they go next’.


Surfer Girl has joined and sponsored many environmental activities in Bali and throughout Indonesia. The company’s green practices have started since it’s early beginning and have grew into solid company culture where employees take part in every activities. Starting beginning 2008, the company has implemented a waste separation and recycling program in its entire offices and retail shops in partnership with Eco Bali. Surfer Girl also regularly hold beach clean-up and a keen supporter of Save Orangutan Sumatra.


Surfer Girl is a lifestyle brand for young women. Inspired by “LOVE, NATURE, FRIENDS, & FUN”, our roots are in the beautiful island of Bali so we grew up with some of the best waves on earth. Today the popularity of “The Best All Girls Surf Shop in The World”, and our ultimate ambassador "Summer" (whose face is our now infamous logo) has led to the development of our home brand, 'Summerland' in Bali, the availability of Surfer Girl products in department stores throughout Indonesia, and the start of brand growth internationally. Our dream is to continue to be "The Best All Girls Surf Shop in The World," and ultimately, "The Happiest Brand in The World". We continue to try to make a positive difference with everything that we do.

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CouchSurfing is a hospitality and cultural exchange network that connects travelers around the globe. By January 2012, it has over 3.6 million members around the globe in which about nine thousands reside in Indonesia. Since 2010, CouchSurfing Indonesia holds annual national gathering, CouchSurfing Indonesia Festive. This year, the festive is hosted in Bali and centered on Subak – the traditional Bali irrigation system that recently set as UNESCO World Heritage. The event will last for 10 days, from 19-28 October 2012. More information on the festive can be found at

For more details please contact:
Nadia Bintoro
Head of Marketing and Communications Surfer Girl Indonesia
Email: Mobile: 081218926966

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