Surftime Magazine and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia proudly present the 8th Annual Surftime Awards

07 September 2011

September 9th, 2011 will mark the beginning of a new era of Indonesian Surfing.
It is on this date, at the luxurious rooftop SOS Supper Club  at Seminyak’s Anantara resort & spa, that Surftime Magazine will be unrolling the red Carpet for what have become the Academy Awards of Indonesian Surfing. This year marks a very special occasion, as Surftime continues its commitment to re-defining the Indonesian surfing experience on a global level. Never have Indonesian surfers been more significant on a global scale. And never have her waves been more in the spotlight. Clearly, Indonesia is emerging as a global surfing leader and Surftime Magazine will dedicate this year’s annual ceremony to that truth. By partnering with Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia-as its commitment in supporting Surf Community,it will be a night of supreme honor. Honor for Indonesia, Honor for her surfers, honor for her waves and honor for all the magnificent people that make up this astonishing surfing community that we all love and celebrate.
Join us for this very special evening.
You are formally invited by all of us at Surftime Magazine.
Be part of it.
Because it is part of you.
The day will start with a beach clean-up which will starting in front of Cocoon and continue until we are infront of Anantara Resort, Seminyak.following this will be free surf lessons from the Rip Curl School of Surf to benefit  a local orphanage( Yayasan Tatwam Asi ). Throughout  the day will be   environmental improvement activities brought to us courtesy of  GUS clean Environment Society, all the cafés on the beach, Coca -Cola Crew, the Balawista lifeguards and Satgas of Banjar Seminyak.
There will be films, the awards ceremony,  fashion shows, body painting dancers and the great DJ Goldigger to get everybody on the dance floor. The awards ceremony is by invitation only, but after-party tickets are available at the door at 11pm for Rp75,000.
SOS at the Anantara resort is located at the end of Jl. Dhyanapura right on the beach.
Dress Code: Formal if you can manage it. If not, your absolute finest. Shoes mandatory. No t-shirts.
Nomination is based on appearance in Surftime Magazine over the last year and the winners will be chosen by your votes. To vote, go to Surftime’s facebook page and vote by ‘liking’ your favorite photo in each category.
The nominees in sixteen categories are:
1. Male surfer of the year : Marlon Gerber, Made Garut Widiarta, Raditya Rondi, Made Bol Winada Adi Putra, Lee Wilson, Dede Suryana
2. Female surfer of the year : Diah Rahayu, Yasniar Bonne Gea, Iis Trisnawati, Stella Hermina, Gemala Hanafiah
3. Surfer with the Hottest style on land and sea : Dedi Gun Satriadin, Made Lana, Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, Tai Graham
4. Hardest charger : Made Lana , Mustofa Jeksen , Dede Suryana, Made Bol Adi Putra, Pepen Hendrik, Raditya Rondi, Mega Semahdi
5. Best rookie : Jeren Kirin, Ediana Putra, Andre Julian, Mansur Ramlin, Koko Mitsua
6. Best Barrel : Dede Suryana, Mustofa Jeksen, Made Bol Adi Putra, Mega Semadhi, Mikala Jones
7. Best maneuver: Male : Wayan Betet Merta, Rahtu Suargita , Dede Suryana, Rizal Tanjung, Teiki Mathieu Ballian, Oney Anwar
8. Best maneuver: Female : Febri Rohaye , Diah Rahayu, Yasniar Bonne Gea, Gemala Hanafiah, Jasmine Tiara Haskell
9. Best Aerial : Wayan Betet Merta, Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, Made Garut Widiarta, Mega Semahdi, Raditya Rondi
10. Best wipeout : Dede Suryana, Adrian Buchan , Made Garut Widiarta
11. Best film: Splinter, Float, Dark Side of the Lens, Innersection, Bono, Who is JOB, Fusion
12. Best Photo of the year : Mick Curley, Jason Childs, Jason Reposar, Pete Frieden, Dustin Humprey, Tim Hain, Nate Lawrence, Brad Masters, Hamish Humpreys, Amin Freedom, Josh Symon, Made Childs
13. Best surf shop : Deus Warung of Simple Pleasures, Drifter, Hurley Shop Nusa Dua, Ripcurl Memorial Store, Life, O Store
14. Best Surf school : Odyssey Surf School, Rip Curl School of Surf, Quiksilver Surf School, Bali Learn to Surf, Surfer Girl Surf School
15. Surftime Humanitarian Photograph of the Year award : TBA
16. Surftime Humanitarian of the Year : TBA



8th annual Surftime is proudly presented by Surftime Magazine and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia.
And also sponsored by :

Jim Beam
Bir Bintang
Air Asia
Rip Curl
G. Xtreme
Odysseys Surf School
Dragon Indonesia
Rip Curl Surf School
Surfer Paradise
Quiksilver Indonesia
OZ Radio
Dian Rakyat
Power Balance
OZ Radio


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